STONE DUST - Michigan's locally available material.  Stone dust is a screened by product of a rock crushing operation.  The quality of the material is determined by the screen size, and the source of the material being crushed.  Eastern Michigan sources tend to be limestone. Western sources are the best - granite rock and northern also tend to be rock but have sand components that make them loose. Also northern sources are in low demand so the screen sizes tend to be coarse. Popular because of it's price and low maintenance product, it is a poor choice.  The player's perspective is that it is hard and abrasive.  Use of Turface MVP helps increase water retention, reduces glare, increases drainage and hardness.

MAR-CO INFIELD MIXES - Mar-Co Clay Infield mixes were developed specifically for baseball - designed to have the desirable features like drainage, water retention, and the resilient active materials enhance player's safety and playability aesthetics.  Be careful....every manufacturer calls their material an 'infield mix'.  Infield clay is a blended clay, sand and fired clay mix coming in three standard mixes:  light, standard and firm with a 15 and 20 series.

MAR-CO CLAY TRACK SURFACER is a fired clay product that is crushed and often blended with other clay and sand materials to attain the desired density.  Comes in two sizes and a variety of blends.  It is used predominantly on running tracks, warning tracks and pathways around golf courses and parks.  It provides the color and texture needed to alert a player of the presence of the fence or enhance the appearance of a baseball field, golf course, park or garden.  On running tracks, the desired traction, texture, and drainage can be achieved with this product.


..........SKINNED AREA AMENDMENTS..........


  1. TURFACE MVP - Improves drainage and reduces compaction.  It fights infield compaction that leads to running, sliding and bad ball hop injuries.  MVP absorbs it's weight in water, allowing play to resume quickly after the rain stops.  Comes in brown or gray.
  2. TURFACE PRO LEAGUE- It has superior drainage and absorption. Smaller uniform particle size tested and approved by Major League groundskeepers. Comes in red, brown or gray.
  3. TURFACE QUICK DRY- Eliminates puddles and standing water.  After a rain, it makes muddy, slippery conditions a thing of the past. It will not cake, become slippery or turn your field rock-hard and works over and over. Comes in brown or gray.


  1. DIAMOND CLAY is a fired clay, crushed and screened, into a uniform range of size below 1/8".  It is a rich orange-red clay product designed to enhance your existing playing surface and attain the desired drainage, texture, density and color you're looking for.


..........MOUND CLAY..........

MAR-CO MOUND CLAY - is a virgin raw, unfired red clay, crushed and screened to less than 3/16".  Available dry or moisturized in bags or bulk. Moisturized mound clay becomes tough and 'dough like', working well to build, form and shape pitching mounds and batter's boxes where firmness, durability and shape are crucial.  Because it binds well to existing clay surfaces, it is a great asset to your maintenance program.  Mound clay in the dry form is used to firm up a surface by amending it in and then adding water to bind things together.  Comes bagged, bulk and in super sacks.

..........CLAY BLOCKS..........

MAR-CO CLAY BLOCKS High quality clay bricks, excellent for building and repairing batter's boxes, pitching mounds and other high traffic areas.  Comes in 8 block bags and is also available in 310 block skids.     How To Install Clay Blocks



Turface MVP

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