Improves Drainage & Reduces Compaction
TURFACE MVP fights infield compaction that leads to running, sliding and bad ball hop injuries. MVP incorporated into the soil provides an excellent root zone for turf. MVP also absorbs it's weight in water, allowing play to resume quickly after the rain stops. When it comes to providing safe play and preventing rain-outs, TURFACE MVP is your "Most Valuable Product"



All the great benefits of Turface MVP plus:

  1. Smaller, uniform particle size tested and approved by Major League groundskeepers.

  2. The ultimate topdressing for superior drainage and absorption.

  3. Delivers the safety and performance of a Major League infield.

  4. Excellent sliding surface for softball and baseball.


Eliminates Puddles & Standing Water
When fields start turning unsafe and muddy, just spread TURFACE Quick Dry. Unlike other products, Quick Dry will not cake, become slippery, or turn your field rock-hard once it has dried, and works over and over. TURFACE Quick Dry absorbs its weight in water and improves drainage, making muddy, slippery conditions a thing of the past.

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