Topdressing is the process of spreading soil over the top of existing grass then working the soil into the turf.  Turf Services provides two types of topdressing:  Sand topdressings to maintain the infiltration rate of the drainage system and soil topdressings to level the playing surface.

..........Soil Topdressing..........

Soil topdressing is a popular method of repairing worn fields.  The goal is to create a  smooth, uniform playing surface and also a better seed bed.  Use of topdressing will not do as good a job of leveling playing surface as if the turf were regraded.  Regrading requires the removal of the turf which is more complex and expensive than topdressing.  Topdressing programs also return the field to use in a shorter amount of time.  Depending on the amount of soil used, fields typically show significant improvement in the first season.

To correct the grade problems; such as,  low spots, holes, etc., requires a soil with more structure (finer particles, irregular shapes and different particle sizes) than a sand.  This type of soil can reduce the infiltration rate of the water into a drainage system.  Soil topdressing is best in the Spring when the turf is actively growing. Careful attention is needed to pick a soil that is comprised of particles larger than the soil the field is constructed from to avoid negative effects like restricting drainage.

Topdressing requires overseeding to thicken and establish grass.  Any type of aerification, in particular deep tine aerification, is an excellent practice to employ after the soil is spread and before seeding.


Soil Topdress

Incorporate Soil

Completed Soil Topdress

Ready for Seed

Completed Soil Topdress

Ready for Seed


..........Sand Topdressing..........

Sand topdressings are important to maintaining a quality sports field. Material selection is important.  The goal of your topdressing program will determine the ideal material.  Sand mange thatch levels maintain infiltration rates and increases soil porosity.

The idea of adding sand to heavy soils to increase a soil's porosity is continually gaining popularity.  It is important to keep in mind that without drain tile to remove collected water, the drainage benefits from sand topdressing are limited.  The biggest benefits from sand topdressing are reducing the problems associated with porosity; gas-oxygen exchange and soil hardness.

Sand topdressing is an important part of maintaining infiltration rates on sand-based fields and fields using a tile drainage system.

Sand Topdress

Spreading Sand

Sand Spread

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