. . . . . . OVERSEEDING . . . . . .

The overseeding process can be defined as the introduction of grass seed into an existing stand of grass. This can be arranged from simply throwing grass onto the bare soil (or after aerating) to using overseeding machinery that opens a narrow slit and places new grass seed into the existing turf without damaging the existing grasses.... a process known as slit seeding.  Naturally, the more sophisticated the machinery for placing seed, the better the results.  Grass varieties are selected for compatibility with existing grasses, level of field management, rate of establishment, wear tolerance, field type, disease resistance, and aesthetic appearance.  We have our own 'special blend' that is perfect for our location here in Michigan.

. . . . . . TIMING AND FREQUENCY . . . . . .

While late summer to early fall can be the best time to seed, football and soccer fields are the fields that most often need repair, making fall impractical because the areas needing seed are in use. Spring is the most common time to seed because it coincides with the longest period a field is not being used. The best programs use both spring and fall seedings.

Slit Seed

Slit Seed

Rows of Seed

Growing in 2 Directions

Seed in

Aerification Holes


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