. . . . . . MAR-CO MOUND CLAY . . . . . .

MAR-CO MOUND CLAY - is a virgin raw, unfired red clay, crushed and screened to less than 3/16".  Available dry or moisturized in bags or bulk. Moisturized mound clay becomes tough and 'dough like', working well to build, form and shape pitching mounds and batter's boxes where firmness, durability and shape are crucial.  Because it binds well to existing clay surfaces, it is a great asset to your maintenance program.  Mound clay in the dry form is used to firm up a surface by amending it in and then adding water to bind things together.  Comes bagged, bulk and in super sacks.


. . . . . . MAR-CO CLAY BLOCKS . . . . . .

MAR-CO CLAY BLOCKS High quality clay bricks, excellent for building and repairing batter's boxes and pitching mounds.  Comes in 8 block bags.




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