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Diamond Clay (Ton or Bag) - Mar-Co Diamond Clay is baked clay, crushed and screened into a uniform range of sizes of 1/8" or less.  It is an orange-red clay product specifically designed as an amendment to heavy clays.  It provides the correct drainage, texture and color, suitable for any size ballpark. 



Infield Clay,  Firm-Standard-Light, 15 and 20 Series (Ton or Bag) - Mar-Co Infield Clay is a controlled blend of clay, sand and aggregate and is available in 3 standard mixes:  Firm, Standard and Light.  If your requirements dictate a unique blend, we can provide custom blends upon request.  Our 3 standard mixes come in 2 particle sizes:  15 series (1/8 inch) and 20 series (3/16 inch).  Our infield clays are designed to maximize safety, playability, drainage and appearance, while at the same time fitting into your existing maintenance program.



Mound Clay (Ton, Bags, Super Sacks) - Mar-Co Mound Clay is a virgin raw clay processed to a fine texture and is available in a dry or moisturized form.  Moisturized Mar-Co Mound Clay becomes "putty-like" which allows it to be formed and shaped while retaining it's firmness and durability.  Due to its bonding ability, it is very useful for building and maintaining pitcher's mounds and batter's boxes.  On the other hand, Dry Mar-Co Mound Clay is used as a binder on sandy materials.



Clay Blocks (Skid, 8 block bags) - Mar-Co Clay Blocks provide a new alternative in the building of Pitcher's Pads and Mounds and Catcher's and Batter's Boxes.  Offering an uncomplicated and quick installation, the clay blocks are economical, very user friendly and practical.  When used instead of sand, Mar-Co Clay Blocks improve stability and durability for Pitcher's Mounds and Batter's Boxes.  These bricks are compatible with existing clays and are easily maintained with Mar-Co Mound Clay.  Packaging options:  (1) Bulk - 320 bricks per skid - shrink wrapped to seal in moisture.  (2) Bags - 8 blocks per bag - 320 blocks per skid - shrink wrapped to seal in moisture.



Clay Track Surfacer, 15 and 20 Series (Ton or Bag) - Mar-Co Clay Track Surfacer is a baked clay product for warning tracks, running tracks and pathways.  It comes in 2 sizes labeled as 20 series (3/16 inch) and 25 series (1/4 inch).  The characteristics of our Clay Track Surfacer provides the proper texture and color to alert a player of an impending fence.  It is groundskeeper friendly!


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